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Welcome to Neptune Bob's Astrology site. If you came to order some of my astrological services and you know what you want, you can jump right into the order form! Otherwise, below is a list of some informative articles and a link to my suggested reading. Additional articles will be appearing from time to time as well as my monthly newsletter, so visit often to see what's new!

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Five Benefits for Ordering Your Personal Chart Reading

A BIRTH SIGN THAT DOESN'T FIT: Have you got a basic understanding of astrology and sun signs, and can see how it applies to others, but find that your own sun sign horoscope is often completely wrong, particularly about your personal traits and characteristics? Or is part of it accurate, but some particular area of your life almost never comes out right in the horoscopes? Would you like some help in understanding this apparent inconsistency?

Do you ever find yourself reacting to situations, people or events in your life in a way that you don't understand yourself? Do you ever wonder why you reacted to someone or something in a particular way, which afterwards didn't seem to make sense, even to you? Have you wondered why you get along especially well (or poorly) with someone else, even though you can readily think of reasons why you would not?

KARMA: Have you noticed repeating themes or patterns in your life for which you cannot account? Have you thought that perhaps your response to these repeating events or situations could be better, but you don't know how to break out of the vicious circle? Have you found that you're lucky when you act in a certain way or move toward a certain goal, but you seem to be under a curse when you attempt to act or move in another direction? Does Saturn, the cosmic taskmaster and timekeeper, have a special lesson for you?

An accurate, complete birth chart will tell a lot more than just a Sun sign. Find out where each one of your planets is placed (including the key Moon sign), what sign is rising in your chart, and much more! Is your Ascendant (rising) in conflict with your Moon or Sun, or supporting them? Does passionate Mars support affectionate Venus, so that your lover can also be your best friend, or do they clash, making you desire partners you don't really like? Find out for sure!

NOTE: Accurate birth charts require both the correct time and place of birth. If you cannot find the exact time of birth, you may lose accuracy and detail, so make every effort to get the best possible birth data before you order!


TIMING: Do you want to make plans for some important event that you intend – perhaps a marriage, opening a new business, or starting a health program, for example – but aren't sure what would be the best time to do it?


A special branch of astrology, called "electional", can advise you as to the favorable times for a particular kind of venture or activity. It can also warn of times when your efforts may be weakened by unfavorable cosmic winds! Get an electional report to learn the best time within a particular range of dates for your special event! A natal chart is required to perform an electional analysis, as well as the approximate date or dates you have penciled-in for your event.


LOCATION: Have things gone exceptionally well (or badly) whenever you go to a certain place, but you can see no reason for that pattern? Or are you looking for the perfect place to begin a new phase of your life, where you will be able to find the best environment, and the most supportive energy for your project, family, relationship or for your health?

Locational astrology can tell you about the cosmic chemistry between your natal chart and the place where you live, or where you're thinking of moving! It requires a natal chart, and I will create a graphical, locational map for the place or places about which you want to know, with interpretations explaining what is helpful or disadvantageous about the particular places that attract you. Order a locational astrology report, and be sure to include any information about what you want to do in the location of interest!


What You Get With Your Order


To see an example of one of the available interpretation reports which you can select from the order form, click on the Personal Reading Sample link. It will give you some idea of how your report will look and what it information it will contain.


Personalize your chart with a colorful background images at no extra cost. The example on the left is the most popular choice, but there are many more to choose from. Click the Samples link to pick your very own design or I will chose one for you.


When you place an order, you'll have a choice to select whether or not to include a grid. Grids are a way of displaying aspects (angles) between individual planets and other points in the chart. This can be very helpful for students of astrology, but may not appeal to beginners, or persons who do not wish to study astrology itself. You can view the various types of layouts and grids on the Samples page.


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